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If you are slicing the ball, the clubface is open in relationship to the path it is traveling on as it reaches the ball, causing the ball to curve right in flight. Through compensations such as aiming to the left (for right handers) a player can learn to get a slice in the fairway, but most players we see would like to know how to eliminate the slice. At Tower Tee we will help you fix your slice in the first lesson. If you don't make a ball curve the other direction and understand why by the end of your lesson with me (Steve Lotz), your lesson will be free of charge. Learning how to manage and control the amount of curvature is what you as a student will be required to do. One of the most enjoyable parts of my day is that moment when a student hits a shot that he or she has not hit before. Exploring the changes in ball flight by taking new information into future practice sessions gives the player a great future of discovery. Get out there and do some new stuff! You'll be glad you did.

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