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Some of you may be involved in teaching your spouse or child how to golf. Good luck. If that task has fallen to you, I encourage you to use extreme caution in administering "tips," especially to your spouse. The safest way to maintain marital harmony if you insist on coaching is to ask your spouse if they are interested in any feedback on anything they may be working on and provide information in a non judging and sensitive way if they say yes. If the answer is "no" take them at their word and keep quiet. The spouse (and gents, it's most often the husband) who continually offers tips like "keep your head down" or "keep your arm straight" is walking on very thin ice. Setting yourself up as the golf expert gets rough when the partner is struggling and is often perceived as criticism when you and I both know that all you were trying to do was help. The most effective relationships in golf coaching are where the student/learner says "will you see if my (insert body part here) is moving in such and such a way and the spouse or parent gives a simple, direct answer with no judgement. We learn through awareness, not judgement. Good Luck...

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