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As golfer's prepare for the 2010 seasons, it's a good time to do an assessment... Taking a look at how much time you have to practice and play each week - the following questions may prove helpful in guiding your season... * is your equipment as you like it? * how was your short game in 2009? * would hitting a few more fairways lower your score as much as improving your putting? * is lack of flexibility hindering your shotmaking? * does your mental game in golf serve you well? * do you play with players that challenge you? * have you seen your swing lately? * do you know who is offering the best pricing in this ecomony? * have you considered trying to get in a quick 9 holes or bucket of balls after work before going home to improve your skill level? As you ask yourself these questions (and others) you can begin to understand in which direction your preparation should take you. Fact: 65 - 70% of the strokes taken on the golf course are taken from inside of 100 yards Bob Gaus, for many years one of the finest players in St. Louis and a teaching pro at Tower Tee, spends hours on the par three course at Tower Tee sharpening his short game skills for tournament play. Bob and Sabrina Tate work with me and the Tower Tee staff to help golfers of all skill levels move on up the ladder of golfing success. As you prepare for 2010, don't hesitate to ask for a free consultation on any aspect of your game. Steve Lotz, Head Professional

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