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Tower Tee will be winding its business down this summer. After 54 years of serving the St. Louis community we are saying farewell to the Affton location. Our landlord, Tegna Corporation, has made arrangements to sell the property that hosts the golf course, batting cages and range. This transition has been handled amicably and professionally as our lease is ending. For many of us it's a bittersweet time. But rest assured, the St. Louis golf community will remain vital and energized. Please come by and see us before July 5, and if you have any coupons, gift certificates or loyalty cards, don't forget to use them before they expire. We will be announcing some exciting farewell events scheduled for the site before we go - please come and enjoy. In the meantime, we are happy for the broader tax base that will accrue to the Affton schools, strong supporter of Tower Tee for many years. See you at the Tee.

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