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NOTE: please register at least 3 DAYS prior to the camp start date to ensure the best possible learning experience for all of the campers - thank you. 

We believe strongly in the development of our junior golfers at Tower Tee. Our Junior program has been specifically designed to meet the needs of our juniors at each level of play. Golf is something that can be enjoyed for a lifetime – our goal is to make sure that your child has a very positive, fulfilling and enriching experience as he or she begins to develop "their game."

It is strongly suggested that your child have at least the basic equipment to bring with them to their camp (driver, mid-iron, 9-iron or pitching wedge, and a putter) in a golf bag. If you are interested in purchasing clubs for your child, please call Tower Tee for information.

Our goal is to provide a very safe and enriching environment for your child while at camp. We will have water stations set up for hydration breaks, but your child may also bring their own water bottle if desired. Also, it is asked that your child not bring video games or anything else that would distract them from the task at hand – learning the game of golf.

We at Tower Tee are excited and eager to work with as many Junior Golfers as possible this camping season. Our teaching staff is here to help your child begin and/or continue to develop their "golfing journey – the journey for a lifetime."     

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